We often get questions about the industry's exposure to cable failures. To address this, we have created the Portunus Cable Calculator. Publicly available data and studies feeds into this tool, to quantify the theoretical exposure to cable failure that currently exists in the industry.

This is the first version (v.1) and we aim to enhance this tool on an ongoing basis.


The calculator is populated with default numbers from our sources, feel free to manipulate any of the data fields to match the specifications of your current or projected fixed bottom offshore wind park.

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Sources & References

As a reminder, we are of the view that ~90% of cable failures as reported by ORE Catapult are caused by cyclic fatigue and ultimately failure.


Cable failure rate per kilometer: Warnock, John, David McMillan, James Pilgrim, and Sally Shenton. 2019. "Failure Rates of Offshore Wind Transmission Systems." Energies. MDPI AG.

Fuel consumption data: Jalili, Shahin, Alireza Maheri, and Ana Ivanovic. 2022. 'Cost and Emission Analyses of Decommissioning of Offshore Wind Farms Using Reverse Installation Method: Cases of Lincs Limited, Gunfleet Sands, and Horns Rev I Wind Farms'.

Cable repair time: Estimation based on seen case studies

Price of electricity in EUR: Eurostat


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