The Portunus Stabilisation System

The Portuns Stabilisation System (PSS) aims to stabilise the cable and CPS through incorporating almost 30 years of experience and lessons learned manufacturing for the offshore wind industry.

The PSS address cable fatigue, providing an engineered seabed interface that ensures cable-fatigue-life for cable & CPS system in operations as well as new projects.

Henrik Bang-Andreasen

Henrik brings 40 years of industry expertise to Portunus Solutions. With 20+ years in offshore wind and involvement in 50+ projects, he holds 13 patents, 12 of which are approved. His focus areas include offshore wind, submarine cables, CPS, fiber optics, and ROVs.

Portunus Solutions: A Timeline


The Start

Founder's first involvement with offshore wind park.


Cable fatigue

First time founder came across cable fatigue and failure in offshore wind.


Cable fatigue

Questioned the viability of current cable and CPS designs.


Cable fatigue

Anticipated that systemic failures were inevitable.


CPS Fatigue and Failure

First publicly disclosed large scale provision for cable fatigue and failure

March 2023

Portunus Solutions is Founded

Patent filed and company incorporated.

June 2023

PSS Test #1

Test #1 starts with innovation grant from Innovation Norway.

July 2023

250k Cycles

Test #1 reaches 250,000 cycles. Watch video

August 2023

500k cycles

Test #1 reaches 500,000 cycles. Watch video

August 2023

750K cycles

Test #1 reaches 750,000 cycles or 1,500km of "travel". Watch video

September 2023

1 Million Cycles

Test #1 reaches 1,000,000 cycles. That is the equivelant of 30 years of continuous severe weather conditions. Watch video

September 2023

PSS Test #1 Concluded

Test #1 concludes succesfully. In total we ran 1,129,770 continuous severe weather cycles equalling ~3,400km of system travel (London-Rome round trip). In other words many times over what a wind farm will ever experience. Watch video

October 2023

Test #2

PSS test #2 prep and site visit conducted.

November 2023

Prototype Finished

December 2023

Test 2 Started

January 2024

Foundation Test of Prototype